Pecha Kucha: A Fun Way Of Presentation


One day, my leader asked me to present the status of Agile Transformation in our organization in the One IT meeting. 

One IT meeting was held once every two months and basically lots of current ongoing statuses will be presented by different stakeholders. 

There will be lots of presentation that will show numbers and letters and (to be honest) some of those are kind of boring 😁😁 *if you read this, boss… Sorry hahaha*

My turn to present was on the last two presentation out of 8 presentations. Then I was thinking on how to grab people’s attention when they already bored with the previous presentations. 

After some considerations, I pick Pecha Kucha presentation style. 

What Is Pecha Kucha?

Based on wikipedia

PechaKucha (JapaneseペチャクチャIPA: [petɕa ku͍̥tɕa],[1] chit-chat) is a presentation style in which 20 slides are shown for 20 seconds each (6 minutes and 40 seconds in total)

The presentation slides consists of pictures and very minimum letters. The presentation slides should be set changing automatically every 20 seconds.

During the presentation, the speaker will describe what the picture is all about. 

The main challenge in Pecha Kucha is that the speaker must make sure that the description of each slide is completed in 20 seconds before the slide changes to another slide. And the speaker must make sure the speech transition of each slides is smooth. 

What To Prepare?

Here are the things I prepared for the presentation:

  1. The presentation theme
  2. 20 points to describe the theme
  3. 20 pictures to represent the points
  4. 20 short paragraphs to explain each pictures and also the transition to the next picture
  5. 20 seconds automatic PowerPoint slide. You can find it in internet or make yourself. 
  6. Make the presentation
    • Put only picture in your presentation slide
    • Make sure the picture explains enough but also eye catching, since the picture is the only thing your audience will see
    • Put the narrative in the notes 
    • Make sure the narrative is straight to the point since you only have 20 seconds for each slide
    • Make the transition sentence to the next slide 
  7. PRACTICE!!! I suggest you to practice with the real tools, I mean with the same laptop and the same infocus in the same or similar place you are going to present. Just to make sure everything run as expected. 

Lesson Learned

When I was preparing the pecha kucha, I practice using my laptop, which the screen is bigger than the one I used in the real presentation. 

The problem happened when I was on the real presentation. The laptop I was using was smaller and I barely can’t see the narrative there. 

Lucky that I practice often enough so I somehow remembered what to say for each slide. 

But that kind of things made me nervous in the beginning and made me lost some of the things I want to say. The audience didn’t realize this, but for me… I know some things were not run as smooth as I prepared. 

So make sure you’re using the same tools setup like the one you’re going to use in the real presentation. 

For you who already used to pecha kucha, this should not be a big problem, but I still suggest for this to be paid attention. 


Pecha Kucha is fun and interesting. My audience was happy with this kind of presentation. They were waiting for the next slide to be shown and pay attention on you since. 

It’s really attention taker presentation and not a boring one.

You should try!! 

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