“To Scrum Or Not To Scrum?” That’s The Question


I’m on my way to Surabaya to attend my high school reunion. Waiting in the boarding room and have nothing to do.

Suddenly I remember some conversations happened in the Agile Circle Indonesia whatsapp group few weeks back.

Someone was sharing a link: Developers Should Abandon Agile. Well the title pretty much explaining the content of it.

There was some discussions happening after the link was shared. I like different views on things. Which also mean I have my own view also 😀

In this article, I want to share what I responded to the discussions at that time.

My View

I won’t spend too much writing this time (considering that the plane will be boarding in about 20 more minutes and I basically already written what I thought earlier in the whatsapp group).

I will just paste my answer here and put a little bit of editing for grammar, typo or some further explanation.

Here was my response:

IMHO, everything that are not done properly will result in disappointment.

Let’s give some examples (or “annalogy” in this case :D)

Claimed that it will make you healthier, but if you don’t do it properly, you will get sick or injured.

Then you will say…

  • Doing sport is useless, it makes me ill
  • Doing sport is useless, it makes my lower back injured
  • Doing sport is useless, it makes me fat when I stop doing it

Claimed to be fun way of doing diet and give fast fat loss
But if you’re not doing it properly or doing it in ‘my way of keto’ it will result nothing.

Yes, nothing! Trust me, I was there 🙂

My friend even got into hospital after doing keto. But is it because of keto? I don’t think so. There are some set of rules and monitoring in doing keto which you need to follow.

Then you will say

  • keto is useless
  • keto can get people hospitalized

Claimed to bring peace and bring people to heaven.
But some people use religion for bad things.

Then you will say

  • I would rather not having any religion
  • Just live my life in a good manner and all will be fine

So is sport, keto diet, religion not a solution?
Is sport, keto diet, religion bad?
Is sport, keto diet, religion bring chaos?

Or is it because it was not done properly?

_my two cents_ 😁

Then after that, I continued with this:

Regarding solution to every problem… I agree that *there’s never be a silver bullet for everything*

But saying agile is not a solution to every problem is narrowing things, might also be provocative 😁, especially if we are agile practitioners

No silver bullet.

Even if agile is not the only solution… Nothing are

An addition of that, Wahid was responded that “not a silver bullet is true, but if you keep on improve and train your agility, Agile will help you”


Well that should be all… I don’t think I need to elaborate more on this.

The chat I paste above mainly explains all.

It all comes back to you.

Whenever you feel that Agile (or in more specific Scrum) disappoints you, do a retrospective.

Check how you do your Scrum. Talk to people, read some books, revisit Scrum guide and make sure that you already walk on the right path 🙂

That’s it… My plane boarding call is on now. I’ll post it as soon as I landed in my hometown 🙂

Please share your thoughts on this article. Would be very welcome for any pro/con view.

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