My Two Cents On Indonesia’s President Speech


20 Oct 2019 was a special date for Indonesia. The inauguration of Indonesia President and Vice President for the period of 2019 – 2024 was held.

Inauguration Day – 20 Oct 2019

Mostly I don’t talk about politic.
Well, that’s not changed! I won’t talk about politic today.

I missed the inauguration ceremony because I took nap with my kids that day.
But then I searched in internet to read the full speech and found some interesting points in his speech. And yes, those points relate with Agility.

You can read the full speech here:

Agility In The Speech

IMHO, there are some points that relate with Agility in the speech. You may agree or disagree, this is my personal opinion πŸ˜€ I am very welcome to discuss.

Continuous Improvement

Dalam dunia yang penuh risiko, yang sangat dinamis, dan yang sangat kompetitif, kita harus terus mengembangkan cara-cara baru, nilai-nilai baru. Jangan sampai kita terjebak dalam rutinitas yang monoton.

Harusnya, inovasi bukan hanya pengetahuan. Inovasi adalah budaya.

Joko Widodo

In a world full of risk, which is very dynamic, and which is very competitive, we must continue to develop new ways, new values. Do not let us get stuck in a monotonous routine.

Innovation should not only be knowledge. Innovation is culture.

Responding to change over following a plan is one of Agile Core Values. It is a valid statement that we should not stuck in a routine if we want to adapt in the world that is very dynamic and competitive.

Inspection and Adaptation are two of the three pillars of Scrum.
In that speech he mentioned also about Indonesia 2045 dream, which are Indonesia’s Gross Domestic Product reaches 7 trillion US dollars and Indonesia has entered the top 5 world economies with poverty approaching zero percent.
We need to keep inspecting and adapting to the current condition in order to reach that long term goal.

My favorite part in that paragraph is “INNOVATION IS CULTURE”
Well, the sentence explains itself!

Focus On The Delivered Result

Jangan lagi kerja kita berorientasi pada proses, tapi harus berorientasi pada hasil, hasil yang nyata.

Joko Widodo

Whenever we work, don’t focus on the process but focus on the real delivered result

In that part of the speech he shared about some government programs that already reported as executed but in reality citizen haven’t receive the result of that program.
He shared about program plan already executed, budget already spent, accountability report already submitted, but still the real result was not there when it is validated in the market.

One of Agile Core Value is working software over comprehensive documentation.
The speech was definitely inline with the value above.
We must focus not only on the software, but the working one.
Not only on the product delivery, but the product that is delivered and bring real benefit to the user.
Not only on the result, but to the real result.

Simplify The Process

Birokrasi yang panjang harus kita pangkas. Eselonisasi harus disederhanakan. Eselon I, eselon II, eselon III, eselon IV, apa enggak kebanyakan?

Joko Widodo

We have to cut the long bureaucracy. Echelonization must be simplified. Echelon I, echelon II, echelon III, echelon IV, aren’t there many?

Ahh… I just love this part!
Yes, Mr. President! Those are too much!

I bet all of you agree that long and unnecessary bureaucracy is a waste creator!
I’m not saying that bureaucracy not needed, but I refer to the long and unnecessary ones.

Last month, I held a Focus Group Discussion (FGD) to discuss about Agility.
In that FGD there were some inputs came from some of the attendees.

One person said that sometime to take a small decision, it will take so long because the decision need to be made by his director.
Even for the simplest ones.

Another person said that to get an approval on a simple thing, she must collect numbers of signatures from several parties.
Not to mention those people are busy and hard to be found.

They said, how can we reach agility if we have to go through unnecessary processes to decide a simple stuff?
For some decisions, they agree that more approves might be needed, but for simple stuff they think that the decision better be delegated to them.


Well those are just my two cents πŸ™‚
Then again you may agree or disagree.

There’s something bothering my mind, though…
Let’s just say whatever our President said in the speech happened in his period of leadership, will that be sustainable in the next leadership period of a different president?
Will those Agile Mindset become the mindset of Indonesia’s government?
Will 5 years period enough to make it sink to blood and planted in the flesh?

Let’s hope for the best!

All the best for you Mr. Joko Widodo and Mr. Ma’ruf Amin!
Finger Crossed!

Kita bersama, menuju Indonesia maju!!!

President and Vice President of Indonesa – 2019 to 2024 periode

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